Frequently Asked Questions


Yes, you can but one of the advantages of having a referral from your doctor is to allow relevant medical or surgical history to be passed on to the specialist you are seeing.  This information often helps to provide you with the best possible care.  You may find your medical insurer may not cover you without a referral.

Appointments for some specialists are made through Marina Specialists  - Pam and Kylie will be happy to assist. For other specialists, appointments are made through their main consulting rooms or alternative phone number.  Details concerning appointment times and contact details are provided in the bios for each individual service provider - see "Our Team" or "Consultation Times".  You can download the contact details as a pdf file.

If the surgery can be done under local anaesthesia (with or without sedation, oral or IV), then yes you can have surgery in our purpose built operating theatre.  Your surgeon will advise you if our theatre is appropriate for your surgery.


Details re referral options are listed under the bios for each service provider - see our team.

Click here for a pdf file of contact details, referral options, and attendance times for our visiting specialists.  Keep it on your computer desktop for easy reference.

If you have any further questions phone us on 534 4040 or send us an email. Pam or Kylie will be happy to assist.


You can email us or phone 534 4040 and ask for Pam.  You will find our rates and terms are very competitive.

No, Marina Specialists charges rent by the hour so you are invoiced only for the time you are in attendance.  This is particularly attractive while you are building your referral base.

Again, you are invoiced only for the time you are consulting.

Yes, we have internet access if you wish to bring your laptop or use our iMac desktop computers of which there is one in each consulting room.  You can use our practice management system (Profile for Mac) or connect via the internet to your own system.

In the case of Southern Cross, the surgeon is charged for theatre fees, as a percentage of the contract fee.  For private paying patients and for other insurers, the theatre fee is charged directly to the patient or the insurer (if pre-approval is obtained).

Yes, our specialist theatre nurses Marianne and Tania are available and their services (including follow up) are included in the theatre fees.

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